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Anal irritation or itching anus, also known as Pruritus Ani, is irritation, itching and sometimes inflammation of the anus - located at the exit of the rectum (bottom).

PilesAnal irritation can have many causes – e.g. diet, being a bit overweight, pregnancy, sitting down all day, alcohol consumption, constipation etc - and is often associated with haemorrhoids or piles. Some individuals may experience irritation that is so intense that the desire to scratch an itching anus must be satisfied there and then - this can be embarrassing. Often it is difficult to concentrate when you are being permanently distracted by an itchy bottom "down there".

Changing your lifestyle may help considerably over time, but for an immediate soothing and calming effect, Analcare is a highly effective answer. Its combination of 13 natural ingredients soothes the itching anus and moisturises the anal area. First it calms the itchy anus, then it goes to work to cool and cleanse, helping prevent the itch returning. So you just massage Analcare in, feel the relief and then forget about it. No more nagging itchy bottom to distract you. Analcare really does bring you piles of comfort!

Itchy anus is not a disease, but rather a sign or symptom. In the majority of cases, there is an underlying cause, which produces the itchy anus, often hemorrhoids or piles. However, sometimes the underlying cause is never found. Regardless of the cause, generally every type of itching anus sign or symptom can be successfully treated! And trying Analcare is a good place to start. You'll probably never need anything else.

Itchy bottom is much more common than people realise, probably because it is not exactly something most people will reveal to others, apart from their doctors. According to the UK National Health Service, about 1 in every 20 British people experience "itchy bottom". It is four times more common in males than in females. Although anybody can develop itchy anus, people aged 40 years and over are more likely to get it.

In addition to applying Analcare, what else can you do to improve the condition longer term?

PilesImprove your diet.
Eat more fibre in your food. This should improve the quality of your stool (poo) and help prevent diarrhoea. Diarrhoea or very loose stool is known to increase the risk of an itchy bottom.

Avoid spicy foods and cut down on alcohol.
You may develop an itchy anus after eating certain types of hot sauces or spices. The irritation may occur when the food is anywhere in the digestive system, even when stools are exiting through your bottom. You will no doubt be aware of those foods and drinks that cause you to have the problem, but avoiding them may be difficult as they are so delicious. So, just make sure you've got your Analcare with you to give you relief if the itchy anus starts.

Keep your bottom clean and dry.
Each time you pass a stool and before going to bed it is advised that the anal area is carefully cleaned using plain water and then dried thoroughly. A bidet is excellent for this although sitting over the edge of the bath also makes washing much easier. When drying, be gentle, avoid vigorous rubbing as this could further irritate the itchy bottom. After washing, it is also a good idea to apply Analcare to the area to moisturise and soothe.

Avoid scented soaps and body sprays and keep skin moisturised.

Some substances found in some soaps, douches, laundry detergents and body sprays may irritate the skin and cause itchy anus. So try to avoid washing the area with scented soaps and keep contact with chemical cleaning and perfuming products to a minimum. Moisturising the area using Analcare will help keep the skin soft and irritation free.

If the problem is severe, contact your medical adviser or doctor.
There are a number of medical conditions which can cause itchy bottom, for example: worms, thrush or STD's. Thankfully these are relatively rare, but if your itchy anus persists, it may be advisable to consult your doctor.

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