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Analcare is a natural cream giving rapid relief from anal irritation. It is discrete and pleasantly fragranced and lasts all day so you can get on with your life. In tests, 75% of users found it "very effective" or "effective"


PilesWhat is anal irritation?

Although people don't talk about it much, pruritus ani or anal irritation is surprisingly common. It's a medical term for a discomfort or an itch around the anal area – an itch that can drive you insane.

What can you do about it? The answer is Analcare with its combination of 15 natural ingredients to soothe the itch, moisturise the anal area and relieve the discomfort. First it calms the itch and soreness, then it goes to work to cool and cleanse the anal area, helping prevent it returning. So you just massage Analcare in, feel the relief and then forget about it. No more nagging discomfort to distract you. Analcare really does bring you piles of comfort!

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PilesIdeal for pregnant and post natal mums

Because it's made with natural and gentle but effective ingredients, Analcare is perfect for pregnant mums' problem bottoms. The weight of the unborn baby on the abdomen is known to cause this condition, sometimes associated with piles, in pregnant mothers. It can last till after the birth and into the breast feeding stage.

During pregnancy, natural is best and that means Analcare. In common with other products, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should discuss Analcare with your doctor before use.

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PilesAnalcare is made from natural ingredients.

We believe that, when it comes to putting a cream on a rather sensitive part of the body, natural is best. So we have managed to make Analcare out of natural ingredients, but without any compromise on efficacy. In fact out of the 17 ingredients we use, 15 of them are natural.

We are passionate about our beliefs in the effectiveness of natural ingredients. When you try Analcare and get the itching and soreness relief you're looking for, you'll be as convinced as we are.

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PilesDon't take our word for it.
Read what other users say about Analcare.

Many Analcare users tell us that they have tried the conventional gels and ointments available from chemists, without results. Often these products contain mild anaesthetic chemicals which freeze the anal area and just mask the discomfort for a few hours.

Then they found Analcare. Over 75% users* who responded to our survey found Analcare to be "very effective" or "effective".

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PilesNo quibble money back guarantee.

We want you to be really happy with the effectiveness and quality of our cream. We want you to try it and see for yourself, as that's the only way you'll really know for yourself how well it works .

So we offer you a no quibble guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with Analcare, send the minimum half full tube back within 3 months of purchase and we'll give you your purchase price back including delivery charge.

The only thing we ask is that you tell us why you were unhappy with the product, so we can learn from you and improve our product in the future.

To learn the procedure for returning product to us, please click here.

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